Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We're Coming Back! Save the Date.

We've taken a bit of a hiatus with this blog, but that doesn't mean we've just been sitting around. Our core group has met several times already, and we have been quietly setting the ground for Chicago VeganMania 2010! We've already set a date and a venue:

Saturday, October 9
Pulaski Park Fieldhouse
1419 W. Blackhawk in Chicago
(same place as last year)

We haven't completely set the hours yet, but it will probably start at 10:00 again and last a bit longer than last year, probably until 6:00.

CVM2010 promises to be even bigger, better, brighter and more exciting that CVM2009. We are currently lining up sponsors, exhibitors, speakers and entertainers. We have also addressed last year's biggest problem: restaurants running out of food. We told them all it was going to be big, but most of our restaurant partners decided to play it safe and just bring small amounts of food. This year, they know better, and we can assure everyone that there will be a bountiful selection of some of the most delicious vegan cuisine in Chicago.

There will also be a several of peripheral events the same weekend: parties, concerts, get-togethers, etc., most of which will be sponsored by other like-minded organizations, but will alll be promoted in this space. And we're encouraging restaurants and other veg-friendly establishments to offer specials for the weekend. Our goal is to make Chicago a major destination for vegans and vegetarians from around the country and world during that weekend (and show the world that Chicago is a wonderful place for vegans).

So start looking for regular updates on this blog. In the coming weeks, we'll also be announcing some upcoming events including some great festivals we'll be attending, and an exciting spring fundraising event. We will also soon be releasing our first CVM2010 newsletter, so watch for information about how to get on the list.

Stay tuned.

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